What You Should Expect From Your First Muay Thai Class


This is a beginner’s guide to Muay Thai for those who are new to the sport. There are so many aspects of Muay Thai training to consider that it can be overwhelming at first. If one takes the time to consider all of the potential stumbling blocks, it can be difficult to get started. As a result, some people never start at all, never realizing their full potential.

Muay Thai takes years to master, and even the best fighters doubt they’ll ever completely master it. Each club and each trainer will place a greater emphasis on certain aspects of the training based on what they have found to be the most beneficial for them, but the only way to make sure you don’t miss anything with your training is to keep showing up every night and keeping an open mind. Looking for Muay Thai Lessons in Singapore? Click here.

  • Warm-Up

You’ll need to warm up before you begin any technique-specific exercises. This is frequently accomplished through the use of a jump rope or another kind of cardio. Because Muay Thai courses can be exhausting, it’s critical not to expend all of your energy during the warm-up. Get a good sweat going and your muscles warm-up, but don’t overwork yourself.

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  • Learn Basic Techniques

You’ll need to learn some basic motions before you begin any form of pad or bag training. Before putting on your gloves, some studios will have you shadowbox and practice your punches and teeps. You’ll put on your hand wraps and gloves after going over the Muay Thai fundamentals. If you’ve never wrapped your hands before, your instructor or more experienced classmates will assist you.

  • Core and Stretching

You’ll probably end the lesson with a core workout to assist develop your stomach muscles after working on your technique and strength. Get ready to feel the heat! After that, you’ll extend your legs and arms to chill off. Don’t overlook the necessity of stretching on a regular basis if you want to be a successful Muay Thai fighter.

Muay Thai courses might be exhausting, but it’s crucial to stay active even when you’re not in them. You’ll need to do more than just show up to class 2-3 times a week if you want to reach peak fitness. After your first class, you’ll most certainly be sore, but do some light cardio, foam rolling, or stretching to help lessen muscle soreness caused by lactic acid.