FIFA 20: FUT Coins – Tips for Quick Coins


A popular mode in FIFA 20 is still FIFA Ultimate Team. But at the same time, it takes time. To build a good team, you need coins and patience. You will learn below how to get coins as quickly as possible.

In real life, often nothing works in football without enough money. The same goes for FIFA 20 and Ultimate Team. You need parts to build your team. You get the coins by achievements in the mode itself. Getting started is particularly difficult because your parts account is not full at the start.

Once your pockets are full, it will be easier for you. The first thing to do is build your team, and you will need to invest in this area. In the following pages, we will explain how to get change as quickly as possible and get your dream team on the virtual field.

Play, play, play

To familiarize yourself with the mode at first, we recommend that you play first. Through games, team battles, seasons and tournaments, you can earn additional coins. You will also receive new cards that will help you. In Season mode, you can earn new coins through wins, championships and promotions. Besides offline games, you can also participate in online matches. Human opponents will of course be more difficult, but they will reward you with more coins.

Important: in no case ask a Rage Quit. This will lower the multiplier in your room. Nor is it fair to your opponent.

The place to be: the transfer market

In the FUT 20 transfer market, you can buy and sell players and club items. Many FUT players use trading methods to earn FUT coins. However, when you are trading, you should keep in mind that there is no guaranteed profit. A promising actor does not automatically need to generate income. It can also quickly fall back into profit. Also note that prices in the transfer market can be linked to the events and challenges of team building.

Transfers are also subject to an EA fee. Five percent of the price of each card you sell is deducted. The higher your selling price, the more drastic the “tax”. The most important currency for you is: Buy smart and sell smart.

Use the team of the week

Many FUT players bet on the team of the week (TOTW). Here, EA Sports focuses on real player performance in a week. TOTW cards are therefore always available in packs for one week before being replaced by the next TOTW. During the week, player prices may drop, so keep an eye on them.

Once the new TOTW is active, prices often rise again and can be sold at a profit. Important note: as soon as a TOTW card is available in packs, this player’s standard card disappears from other packs.

TOTW: Playing with gold cards

Another method is based more on speculation and should not be considered the safest. However, many players had profitable success with this method in the early weeks of FIFA.

If you observe particular performances of certain players in real football which could be worthy of a TOTW card, you can buy this player directly. Obtain the player’s Gold card. As mentioned above, it will disappear from the packs as soon as this player is available in TOTW. As a result, it will become scarce on the foreign exchange market and the price will rise.

This allows you to turn your speculation into profit because you can sell this player at a higher price. If you don’t have the time to constantly monitor what’s going on in real football, TOTW’s forecast can help.