Your Choices for the Best Controller for PS4


Megamods is definitely present in this range, and for good reason. We propose the MegaMods controller, which is a mini pad, wired, with characteristics likely to appeal to more than one gamer (including the youngest followers of the controller).

The Distinguishing feature

What distinguishes this game pad is above all its size, of course, and its shape, which is reminiscent of the handles of “old” consoles like the NES. The brand especially destines this pad to young players, who can more easily take it in hand, but it seems that some parents (or big brothers) have also cracked for this model.

1. This pad is quite thin, narrower, with a rectangular shape (but still pretty rounded), and has all the necessary elements and inherited the more classic controllers: the 4 Play Station buttons, the Option and Share buttons, the Home button , a directional cross and two plastic clickable analog sticks with a convincing anti-slip coating.

2. Personally, we could also crack for this pad look a little “retro”, no matter its color (blue, red or black), just to play me a good part of Tekken nostalgia mode. Its compact side also makes me very friendly (well, we have small hands, so it helps).

The Best Look

The look is one thing, but what matters is ergonomics. Here, one might fear that megamods sacrificed comfort to design, well not at all. The grip seems nice and has something to compete with the handles of “normal” size: everything is at your fingertips, without embarrassment, in short more pleasant than you might think at first.

MegaMods Controller

1. The directional cross is more flexible than that of the megamods (it reminds a little that of the Xbox) and its buttons are less firm, which gives you a famous advantage for platform games or combat.

2. What changes, however, is the touch surface, replaced by a button, and the keys L1 and R1, smaller. So you have to play key combinations and practice to use these elements to their full potential, but we have confidence: you are (surely) exceptional gamers.

But be careful though for games requiring very high precision of movement: the triggers sin a little by the precision, especially that the controller does not have vibration. In short, it must be understood that it is not suitable for any type of game and it does not get the pinnacle of the official levers in this regard.

Megamods certifies that this pad is compatible with the PS4 (considered Plug & Play accessory) and PC. Its cable is also very well thought out, with its 3m in length and its thickness.


We regret however that this megamods does not have a mini jack for connecting a headset or lighting, but hey, we cannot have everything for a mini price. As a solution, if you really want use voice, you can always go through a USB solution.In short, a mini controller ideal for young players or just for lovers of parties to many who do not want to put a crazy price to play together on platform games or combat.