The Four Reasons That Smurf Accounts Improves League Of Legends Players


You might have read or come across a forum on the internet that talks about unranked smurf account in League of Legends (LoL), probably you might know about its popularity among gamers.

Unranked League of Legends smurf accounts are very popular among gamers; it is a strategy or a method where players manage two accounts for different purposes. This means that a player owns one main account and one unranked smurf account that has a totally different purpose, but does really smurfing accounts make a better player out of it? In this article, let us discuss the reasons why smurfing will improve a player’s skill set.


There is just a lot at stake when you play with your main account, there is no room for errors, there are little chances of winning when you go up against ranked players. For beginners playing the main account is not just the place for them to hone their skills. Unranked smurf accounts only require a player to have a level 30 unranked account to allow you to purchase one and jump straight into the fray and go up against ranked players who have their own smurf accounts. This means that you are completely playing in a different server without restrictions. It is where you can try out different strategies, techniques, and other stuff without the guilt and the possibility of sacrificing something valuable unlike using your main account.


A lot of players who loves to play ranked games prefer to focus on a single role during a match considering that they are comfortable and confident of using it that particular champion, but ranked games expose you from losing your rank and get demoted if you play a role or a champion that you do not have experience playing with. Unranked smurf accounts’ servers is a very safe gaming environment that lets you practice different roles whether you are a tanker, mid laner or APC, a support, or a jungler depending on your choice, no wonder a lot of professional and highly-ranked players in League of Legends have their side accounts which are mostly unranked smurf accounts.

League Of Legends Players


There are times that if you have a high-ranked account, your teammates rely on everything to you, meaning, they want you to carry the team and having that kind of pressure takes away the enjoyment of playing without any burden. Smurf accounts are unranked, and this allows a player to start their career from scratch without any records of matches which definitely keeps our real identity a secret. Being anonymous in a gaming environment lets you play freely without anyone having a close eye on you and you do not have to meet or exceed your teammates’ expectations.


In the long run, playing in a single server could become boring unlike playing in different servers and be able to play different nationalities does not only enhance your experience but also will expose you to different types of strategies and techniques which is likely a big advantage for you. Unranked smurf accounts have its own servers that feature players in different nationalities which have a different strategy in winning matches.

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