How to increase vertical jump to dunk? Now answered


Exercises, no matter what, have always been an evergreen measure to cure physical, bodily issues. Got some muscle pain? Exercise, suffering from the joint freeze? Exercise, sugar level bloating? Exercise. When talking about sports and fitness, exercising is pure gold; then be it football, basketball or cricket. From being best warmup recourse, to a quintessential revitalise, frequent muscle movement has some real benefits in store. Talking of one of the most loved games – basketball, a high vertical jump can literally be the game changer, making all the difference. Enlisted below are some exercises, that seek to answer one of the most googled questions, ‘how to increase vertical jump to dunk?’:

  • Warmup

Irrespective of how active you feel from the inside, always push your guts towards more. Let skipping warmup never be an option and go for a regular, all-inclusive one. For once and for all, do a proper warmup; before and after the game. Gradually, the changes are what you will end up calling your assets!

  • Jumping rope

This involves, holding a (skipping) rope from both your hands at the ends, and swirling it all around your body. A pretty conventional exercise, when done regularly and fervently, it can soar your vertical jumping range, making you achieve those perfect dunks, just like a pro!

  • Tuck jumps

Somewhat similar to squats, they involve bending your knees slightly, and then jumping as high as possible, enough to make your knees reach the level of your chest.

  • 4-corners

Just imagine 4 dots forming a square and jump from one dot to another; forming the shape. Jump in the clockwise direction. Completing one square with only four jumps, completes one round. Likely, more are the repetitions, higher will vertical jumps be.

  • High reach jumps

Similar to tuck jumps and a high end modified version of stereotypical squats, high reach jumps requires the player to jump as high as they can; incepting with bent knees and then jumping and taking the knees as high as possible. Aim to keep the level above your chest level, and that is how you can drastically alter your vertical jumping range.

  • Lateral Jumps

Something right out of the PT sessions as a pre-schooler, lateral jumps require you to jump sideways, in a quick motion, across a stick or a line and iterating the exercise.

  • Toe Raises

Conclusively, the answer to how to increase your vertical jump to dunk lies in a vigorous, fervid training schedule. Nothing in the world stands to be impossible if you have a willful heart. And an unshakeable dedication. Just exercise regularly and more often than usual, and the appearing changes will flabbergast you in just weeks.