Full Guide for Apex Legends Characters and Their Abilities


Apex Legends is a battle royale game in which every character has unique abilities and skills. This battle royale game has overtaken other battle royale games, such as PUBG. Now, more and more gamers are showing a keen interest in this game rather than others. All it because of the interesting characters o and their unique set of skills. Luckily, it is free to play, means you can download it for free on your system. You can go to install-game.com for apex legends free download on your Windows PC.

Here is the full detail of Apex Legends Characters:

One thing that differentiates Apex Legends from other battle royale games is the way in which game characters are used.  There are eight characters or they are called legends. And six characters are available to gamers right away and two characters need to be unlocked.

  1. Bloodhound

It comes with tactical ability and it is called the eye of all fathers. The character can reveal hidden rivals or enemies, clues, and traps throughout the structures. Plus, it has passive ability i.e. tracker. The character can see tracks which are left behind by your enemies. There is also ultimate ability i.e. beast of the hunt. This ability improves your senses, and let you travel faster and pinpoint your prey.

  1. Gibraltar

The character tactical ability is the dome of protection. This ability throws down a shield of the dome that blocks the attacks for almost 15 seconds. Gibraltar passive ability is a gun shield and ultimate ability is a defensive bombardment

  1. Lifeline

This character can call your compassion drone to heal close squad mates over time automatically. The character also has combat medic as a passive ability.

  1. Wraith

This character has “Into the Void” as tactical ability, which means reposition through void space safety and avoiding the damage. The character has another ability i.e. Voices from the void. A voice alerts you when danger reaches you.

Full Guide for Apex Legends

  1. Pathfinder

The character has a grappling hook ability. Plus, this character can scan a location to reveal the next location of the ring. The ultimate ability of Zipline Gun i.e. makes a Zipline that everyone can use.

  1. Bangalore

The character comes with smoke launcher ability i.e. fire a smoke canister that blow-ups into a smoke wall on great impact.

  1. Mirage

This character sends out a holographic decoy in order to confuse the opponent.  In addition to it, the characters also deploy the decoys team to distract opponents while you cover.

  1. Caustic

The character drop canisters that produce deadly Nox gas. Plus, the character let you see opponents via your gas.

So, that’s all on the characters of the Apex Legends games and their abilities. Once you are familiar with each character in Apex Legends, you get to understand more about the game. It is free to play and download on your system. All you need is Windows 7 OS, 6 GB RAM and 30 GB free disk space.