Eternal Palace – Azshara Kill


Azshara is the ancient night elf queen. She was honored, loved by her people, some even claim that elves had no better queen. She became the last queen, because her rule led to a very bloody war and the Great Sundering, which forever changed the very essence of Azeroth.

A bit of history:

The queen was strong, knowledgeable, stunningly beautiful and proud. She was the first among the elves in the power of magical talent, she had no equal. Azshara came from the Highborne elves and for a long time was fascinated by the Well of Eternity. After she was crowned, she immediately ordered to build her palace on one of the shores of this Well. Her greatness reached absolutely epic heights, which inspired the court nobility to name the capital after queen – Zin-Azshari, which means “Glory to Azshara”. Although the night elves did not like the Highborne, they adored their queen so much that they turned a blind eye to her belonging to this race.

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Then, at the end of the construction of the palace, Azshara settled in it with her entourage. They began to experiment with the magic of the Well of Eternity, creating more powerful spells, taking little care that the waters of the Well blackened more and more, until the darkness completely consumed them. Soon, one of the most powerful beings sensed the magic of the Highborne. It was Sargeras, the fallen titan and lord of the Burning Legion. He enslaved all the elves in the palace, including Azshara herself, and ordered them to build a huge portal for demons. Sargeras promised them to create a paradise on their lands. Infact, hebroughtonlyslaughteranddestruction.

Afterwards, the War of the Ancients began, as a result of which the night elf defenders managed to close the portal before Sargeras reached Azeroth and trying to Azshara kill.  But the Well of Eternity could not withstand the magical overloads and collapsed under the water, along with the capital Zin-Azshari. He split the continent in two, passed through the red-hot core of the planet and was destroyed there. But Azshara refused to die under the water, she made a deal with the ancient god N’Zoth, who turned her and all drowned elves into creeping naga. And from now on, she is one of the top raid bosses. In complexity, it can be compared with the previous TOP raid boss – with JainaProudmoore.
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Drop from Azshara:

You should not wait any mount drop from Azshara, they simply do not exist. However, you can get one of four combat pets: MindlostBloodfrenzy, Lightless Ambusher, Nameless Octopode, Zanj’ir Poker. Also, depending on the difficulty, you get a different reward. For killing Azshara on normal difficulty, you will receive equipment of level 415+, if you complete the raid on the difficulty of “heroic”, you will receive the heroic feat “Hero of your Time”, and also get equipment of 430+ level. If you pass the raid on the mythical difficulty, you will receive the status of “Eternal” and equipment level 445+.

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