A guide on how to behave while hunting


There are many rules, traditions and guidelines that should be considered when hunting. When you arrive at the meeting, it is important that you become familiar with who the hunting personnel are. Traditionally, they would be obvious in red jackets, but today they are much better combined with the field to avoid falling into saboteurs.

The responsible person as a whole is the host (MFH);

In some cases, this function is distributed between two teachers. During hunting, it is important to show respect for the owner and the rest of the staff and remember that their word is final. The hunter controls the dogs and uses signals to guide them and make sure they function as a group. It is important to try not to fall between the hunter and his dogs. The hunter is assisted by a hangover that beats the dogs and helps control their direction. The hunting secretary is responsible for collecting (or limiting) payments from subscribers. They are also responsible for monitoring the 스포츠토토 hunt, including damage to landowners’ property.


As a follower, you will be led by a field teacher (often one of the joint teachers). You should remain as calm as possible and listen carefully to the instructions of the field teacher or the main followers.

Always give way to hunting for employees and dogs that are trying to pass. If possible, keep the horse away from the dogs and always turn it to face it when they pass. This was done so that the horse would not be frightened, would not kick and would not accidentally stop over them.

When you hunt, remember that you are driving in a strange land. Salta fences when there is no other way and not as a school exercise for your horse. If you open the door, remember to close it again or ask the next person to close it, saying “please, door” when you pass through it, and they will go to the last person who closes the door. Similarly, if you walked through the door one last time and heard “Doors, please,” be sure to close the door or have someone help you. If you jump while hunting, remember your common sense, do not try to do something too big for yourself or your horse and never jump too close to another person in case of a fall. There will always be people who do not have enough confidence to jump over everything, so if you think something is too big, wait and wait for others to help you find an alternative route. 


Remember that if at any time you have doubts about what to do or if you are not sure of what is happening, there will always be someone who wants to explain things to you and guide you.